‘James writes lyrical prose, combining a compelling plot with a portrait of a man forced to question the entire basis of his life. ‘

The Sunday Times


‘Alongside the beautiful, concrete descriptions of feeling and place, that both fit Marcus’s journalistic eye for detail and a reader’s desire to see with fresh clarity, So The Doves is a complex and hard-hitting novel that brings a thrilling edge to Heidi James’ body of work. Not only is So The Doves an exploration of the human need for narrative, it is also a study on the importance of friendship.’

From Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone 

‘Artfully told this tale demands that the reader question their core perceptions of themselves. It is a disturbing, compelling, ultimately satisfying read.’

From Jackie Law

‘Definitely a 5*s from me because of the involving writing style, strong story line and complex social issues which made me sit back and think . Loved it!’

From Emma B Books 

‘I obviously don’t want to give too much away, but this book is really fantastic and perfect for readers who love gritty crime stories. For me though, the book was about Melanie, and I wanted more of her. I would love a sequel to this from her point of view because she was so well written and it was the kind of book that, when I finished reading it, I felt really sad it was over.’

from Kelly Allen Writer

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