Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Do you think Marcus is guilty? Is he a liar?
  2. Why has Marcus spent his whole career exposing corruption? Is he trying to right the wrongs of his youth?
  3. Do you have sympathy for Marcus?
  4. How important are our friendships when it comes to forming our identity?
  5. Why do you think Melanie is so important to Marcus?
  6. Do you think Melanie’s mother colluded in her disappearance?
  7. How important was music to you when you were a teenager?
  8. Is there a conspiracy at the highest level or is Marcus paranoid?
  9. Would you have spoken to Elena or would you have left her alone?
  10. What should Marcus do next?


Send us photos of your book club discussing So the Doves (or post in the comments below) for a chance to win special prizes and even a visit from the author.

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